Spiritual Freedom – A Guided Dream

Spiritual Freedom – A Guided Dream

Blessed was the dark night

For all he could see was pure light

Even though his eyes were closed

His body lay there all but cold


His soul far  away

He could see a hill and the ocean and the bay

Coming down the hill he himself

Followed by friends unknown

Leading them all, was none but Rasolullah


May my life be sacrificed for him

Mercy for mankind, Down he came

Followed by him and a few friends

When they reached the sandy beach

The large bolder behind moved and closed

The very path the blessed feet had strode

Unnoticed the very same bolder moved back to its rightful place

lo behold a beautiful gun of old, appeared from nowhere.


Oh what happiness he felt

To be with the Mercy to mankind

By the bolder on the sandy beach Rasulullah took  a seat

He and freinds too sat with Rasolullah

Side by side with the sardar e nabi


Too sure was he

that this was the blesed and holy gun

That his beloved sardar i nabi

Took to all his battles


And so he asked from the mercy of mankind

Beloved Rasulullah smiled.

Oh What smile it was

May my  life and all that is dear to me

Be sacrificed for him.


The blesed mouth opened

Blessed was his breath and mouth to see

The words came out for all to hear and see

” No this is not the secret gun of my victories

This with what we can communicate”


Confusion lay in him

As to what its purpose may be

Lo behold the sardar e Nabi

Pointed the gun at  sea

Blessed; his eyes that took the gun to aim

Bursts of light fired from the same


A ship far at bay

Responds as if to reply

With burts of light, What seemed morse code


Blessed was the dark night

For all he saw was pure light

Peace and blessing of Allah

Be upon Rasolullah

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