Kids in the Mosque

Notice at a Mosque in Turkey: “Dear Muslims, if there are no sounds of children laughing in the back as you are praying, fear for the next generation” What a contrast from some mosques I’ve seen – mainly from within the Indo-Pak community – where children are discouraged from coming to the mosque at prayer times or are outrightly banned because “they make too much noise” and “distract the worshippers” when they’re undoubtedly in the midst of their deep contemplative meditation [khushu’]. What irony! I’m certain these people are unaware of the fact that the blessed Prophet would often bring his young grandsons – al-HasanRead More →

Smartphones restrict our access to information. Are they preventing our intellectual growth?

Smartphones restrict our access to information. Are they preventing our intellectual growth? What did we do? When we all had desktop computers way back in 2007, 8, 9, etc., we accessed too much information, we learned too many truths, many of us collectively researched across “the internet” and we found out things we weren’t supposed to know. And we posted about them and linked to references. Oops. Well now you’ve done it. In fact, we all did it. So the system is reacting. The system responded. The system created Smart Phones as a response to the population accessing way too much data and learning farRead More →

Once Buddha was walking from one town to another town with a few of his followers. This was in the initial days. While they were travelling, they happened to pass a lake. They stopped there and Buddha told one of his disciples, “I am thirsty. Do get me some water from that lake there.” The disciple walked up to the lake. When he reached it, he noticed that some people were washing clothes in the water and, right at that moment, a bullock cart started crossing through the lake. As a result, the water became very muddy, very turbid. The disciple thought, “How can IRead More →

When passion streaming from the heart Turns human lips to lyres, Some magic wings man’s music then, His song with soul inspires; Man’s words are sacred then, they soar, The ears of heaven they seek, From dust those mortal accents rise,   Immortals hear them speak; So wild and wayward was my Love, Such tumult raised its sighs, Before its daring swiftly fell A song of eulogy; A bridge of converse thou hast formed ‘Twixt mortal man and Me! Behold, my hands arc full of gifts, But who comes seeking here? And how shall I the right road shew When there’s no traveller? My lovingRead More →

  [en] The Prime minister of a nuclear armed nation is being interviewed by CNN. He is asked, “ Do you know 34% of your people want to leave their country?” The Prime minister replies, “Why don’t they go, who is stopping them!” What unfortunate country can this be, which has such senseless leaders? This is Pakistan and the leader is the infamous Syed Youef Raza Gillani. How can you stop the brain drain  and migration of intellectual, technical and other professionals  from the country, where the highest designator bears this approach? We are already suffering from a ‘brain drain’ and this careless and indifferentRead More →

    Centuries gone, sun never shone Flowers died as did hope No warmth to feel and love to show All was quiet and covered in snow   One couldn’t hear the humming bees Nor the rustling of the fallen leaves No butterflies to seek the flowers Nor the clouds to bring showers   Drip, Drip,Drip! Water drops are dripping The Sun is comming out Or is it just an illusion? Who will uncover this mystery and confusion?   “I” Said the Faith from the abyss so dark! “Hold me fast and listen to the chirping lark” La Behold!  After centuries the first sunshine falls And brings the showers, bees, flowersRead More →

When I was 10,  my maternal grandfather  had a home near the Afghan border. When I used to visit him, I would hear loud blasts, which would shake the house and everything around. It used to scare me and  I used to ask my grandpa and he would tel me its the Soviets fighting the Mujaheddin. It seems the loud blasts were artillery shells or rocket fire. The house is a few kilometters away from the Salala Mohmand agency, where recently, Americans from Afghanistan killed 24 Pakistani Soldiers. From my books, I knew that the mujaheddin were the good guys. So obviously, the soviets must have been the bad guys, I thought. IRead More →

“They made us many promises. More than I can remember. But they kept one. They promised they would take our lands. Andthey took it.” Chief Red cloud of the Lakota nation Why do I cry. It was not my people, Who died there. But it is was my soul, That died with them. Apart of me was lost for ever, Apart of me erased for ever, Am I still human, Am I still son of Adam, Can the tears that fall, Erase what I feel. Dedicated To all the freedom fighters past and presentRead More →

The angel of death in shock and awe stands, perplexed… While terrorized, hysterically, a dog looks around, limping falling and, rising again … Bodies burning turning coal thick, blackened ghostlike smoke unceasingly fueled on flesh and bone… A village last night in ashen-ed dust Children, in park? No signs of life Yet, no vultures in sight but the smoke … Mankind Hail to you Does peace prevail? Yes,in carnage the Eternal Peace… Ata Khan Very Good Friend. Who inspired me to be more than what I am. I will be for ever greatful to him. (Tajwali Khan)    Read More →