Deep inside everyone.   There is a part.   That has been crowded out by our mind   It has been imprisoned deep inside in a dungeon we dont even know exits.   The mind seems to tel us that it knows all.   Little do we know that this mind, needs to have empirical proof and logic processing   only then can it be of use to us.   Little do we know that the part imprisioned within the dungeon, whom we have forgotten needs no logic or emprical evidence.   It is a part of us that can feel knowledge and canRead More →

“A nation of sheep soon begets a govt of wolves.”   Pakistanis have been skinned alive but they still dream of a shepherd coming to rescue them.   Pakistan is a heaven for Politicians and rulers. But not many know this fact. Let me tel you how. I predict that after reading this article, all the politicians of the world will abandon their countries and will rush to get Pakistani Citizenship.     No matter what you do as a politicians, Pakistanis will never bother. U will have a free hand. Nothing  bothers the Pakistanis.And this is precisely why Pakistan can never fail. Here isRead More →