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To understand the matter we need to to trace the historical origin of the conflict. The crises is a spillover from a conflict stretching over the last 300 hundred years or more. The Rohingya are a minority ethnic group living in the Myanmar (Formerly known as Burma). At present they are about 800,000 to about 1.3 million people. Although they live belong to Myanmar, the government denies them citizenship or any rights. Neighboring Muslim countries of Bangladesh, Indonesia, and Malaysia have turned a blind eye to their sufferings, and at times have increased their sufferings. Who are the Rohingya people? Why are they persecuted? TheRead More →

Smartphones restrict our access to information. Are they preventing our intellectual growth?

Smartphones restrict our access to information. Are they preventing our intellectual growth? What did we do? When we all had desktop computers way back in 2007, 8, 9, etc., we accessed too much information, we learned too many truths, many of us collectively researched across “the internet” and we found out things we weren’t supposed to know. And we posted about them and linked to references. Oops. Well now you’ve done it. In fact, we all did it. So the system is reacting. The system responded. The system created Smart Phones as a response to the population accessing way too much data and learning farRead More →

Main Stream Media (MSM) has become irrelevant because it perceives public as dumb. This has indirectly forced the public to educate themselves through Social media, which in turn has made MSM even more irrelevant. Why does the Main Stream Media (BBC, CNN, Geo, ARY, AlJazera), have to explain the spoken audible words of Leaders or Politicians? These words or speeches are beamed through our TV screens, after initially reminding us several times that the said speech by said party leader or opposition or whomever it is, is about to get reinterpreted in the main-stream-media’s image and that it would be aired live as soon asRead More →

14 August and 15 August should be remembered for the largest known migration in modern history. Millions died when Pakistan was created. Muslims living in India had to cross over to the newly created nation to ovoid being slaughtered by Hindu vigilantes. Hindus living in Pakistan had to leave for India fearing revenge by Muslims for deaths in India by Hindus. The partition displaced up to 17 million people in the former British Indian Empire. In matter of weeks a mass migration took place in which everyone lost their homes, their belongings and their loved ones. Children, women and the old died on the way,Read More →

If one is fortunate enough to buy a bakra worth eighty thousand or may be a bull worth 2 million, there starts a non-stop ‘family entertainment’ and showing off the highly priced and overweight animal. Some people get extra lucky and get a few minutes coverage by any news channel too. Eid-ul-Adha is celebrated with great religious fervor across the Muslim world. This festival not only fulfills the religious obligations but also gives a social and economic boost to the society, as every ritual and action taught by Islam is universal and always has a positive impact on an individual and on society at large.Read More →

People in Pakistan (and perhaps overseas too), claim that the people of FATA are illiterate and have no value for education. Probably they are right. But how did this happen? And who is responsible? I am a young man from FATA Tribal area, a Mehsood from Waziristan to be exact. Let me try to explain why my people have no education. Before analyzing my people, I thought, I should see what short comings I had in myself. I found embedded in myself, many problems. I was wondering from where to start. Let me start with my body. I feel extreme pain and all my bodyRead More →

Character assassination through biased and subject narratives of history, fiction, cartoons and now films:-all the known elements in history of the information media have been used to distort the image of a man whom Michael H Hart in his famous 1978 book ‘The 100 declared as the most influential person in the history of mankind’ . Muhammad (PBUH): a man born in the deserts of Arabia away from the Christian World in a society of tribal idolaters, who was raised as an orphan and never had any literary skills but still knew all the Biblical tales in details; a man raised in a society whereRead More →

    In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful “O ye who believe ! take not for friends and protectors those who take your religion for a mockery or sport,- whether among those who recieved the scripture before you, or among those who reject faith: but fear ye Allah if you have faith (indeed)” Quran. 57 chapter 5 ‘The Feast’ “Why do not the Rabbis and doctors of law forbid them from their (habbit of) uttering sinful words and eating things forbidden? Evil indeed are their works.” Quran 63 chapter 5 ‘the feast’   Allah clearly has 1450 years ago warned Muslims ofRead More →

    Every year come August, we are greeted with flags, sky rocketed slogans and yet unprecedented vigorous fervor. Our national emblem of patriotic emotions, touch the highest on 14 of August and sadly, dash to abysmal low on the next day. Our educated ‘Silent majority’, never seem to analyze what has gone wrong with us. Why we do we have Sharif/Zardari/Raja Pervez and India has MukherJee / Manmoohan Singh. Mukherjee is the author of four books and a statesman who started his political career from scratch. India’s PM Dr Manmoohan Singh, was the pioneer of economic growth for his country while he was financeRead More →

Pashtun nationalist youth of the Facebook variety, labor under the illusion that if and when Pakistan breaks, “Afghan nationalism” (whatever that infers) will benefit. No, I am afraid not!  The Afghan nationalism they mention, exists only in talk on Facebook and internet forums. It isn’t there on the ground.   What would happen if Pakistan were to break somehow…is just an intensification and worsening of what is going on now around us. In this, Pakistan has (or rather, had) a hand no doubt – but it now has dynamics of its own: a seething sea of tribal chaos and corruption, in which rival warlords, gangsRead More →