What’s on your mind? IF YOU DISTANCE YOURSELF only for an hour from your endless thoughts what do you think will happen if you let yourself sink just like a fish into the ocean of our love what do you think will happen Rumi Look into yourself: You have learnt so much And read a thousands books Have you ever read yourself? You have gone to mosque and temple. Have you ever visited your soul? You are busy fighting Satan Have you ever fought your ill intentions? You have reached into theRead More →

Pakistan had been endowed by the Almighty with all kinds of terrains, landscapes and climates. The North of the country is unique not only because five of the 14 highest independent peaks in the world are here but also because it contains places of unparalleled scenic beauty.   In the words of St Augustine, “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” In a bid to read a few more pages we decided to travel to the North of the country some time ago. Below is an account of the travel and the purpose is to share theRead More →

Projection: “Why is everyone so happy except me?” ” Because they learned to see goodness and beauty everywhere,” said the master. “Why don’t I see goodness and beauty everywhere?” ” Because you can not see outside of you what you fail to see inside.” Enlightenment: “What is the greatest enemy of enlightenment?” “Fear” “And where does fear come from?” “From delusion” “And what is a delusion?” “To think that the flowers around you are poisonous snakes.” “How shall I attain Enlightenment?” “Open your eyes and see” “What?” “That there isn’t single snake around.” (Anthony de Mello)Read More →

Oh sage of the east blessed have you Our land with beauty And poems of repute “My dear naked soul. I was born before my time I am not a poet, nor am I a sooth sayer I am not rhythm to be rhymed Nor am I clothing for thoughtless beauty. My words are carvings on a stone Rain o hale o storm it borne For those who see my writing bold A thousand visions each word may hold Surely for the vision to form Illumination o heart is the norm For the bees to come Flowers are needed and the sun. I am notRead More →

SELF AWARENESS “Thy soul cares only for itself, like the camel: It is self-conceited, self-governed, and self-willed. Be a man, get its halter into thine hand, That thou mayst become a pearl albeit thou art a potter’s vessel. He that does not command himself Becomes a receiver of commands from others.” Iqbal – AsrariKhudi   The circumstances and conditions of life may play a part in our sufferings and distress. But mostly we suffer at our own hands. We are victims of our own ignorance. We may not only create havoc in our own lives knowingly or unknowingly but others may also be affected adverselyRead More →

  Deep inside everyone.   There is a part.   That has been crowded out by our mind   It has been imprisoned deep inside in a dungeon we dont even know exits.   The mind seems to tel us that it knows all.   Little do we know that this mind, needs to have empirical proof and logic processing   only then can it be of use to us.   Little do we know that the part imprisioned within the dungeon, whom we have forgotten needs no logic or emprical evidence.   It is a part of us that can feel knowledge and canRead More →

They say we are falling Failing and collapsing Are we? They say we are hopeless and helpless Heading aimless Are we? They say we are lost Numb and Frost! Are we? They say we beg And dancing on one leg Are we? I say “NAY!” Had it been the case we would have stopped laughing, enjoying, playing nd sending our children to schools. In worst of the days when sucide attacks were daily affairs we kept our spirits high. Knowing that gathering at the affected place would harm us, many used to rush there to help the effecties. We are a nation of very differentRead More →