Kids in the Mosque

Notice at a Mosque in Turkey: “Dear Muslims, if there are no sounds of children laughing in the back as you are praying, fear for the next generation” What a contrast from some mosques I’ve seen – mainly from within the Indo-Pak community – where children are discouraged from coming to the mosque at prayer times or are outrightly banned because “they make too much noise” and “distract the worshippers” when they’re undoubtedly in the midst of their deep contemplative meditation [khushu’]. What irony! I’m certain these people are unaware of the fact that the blessed Prophet would often bring his young grandsons – al-HasanRead More →

Stop Genocide sign

To understand the matter we need to to trace the historical origin of the conflict. The crises is a spillover from a conflict stretching over the last 300 hundred years or more. The Rohingya are a minority ethnic group living in the Myanmar (Formerly known as Burma). At present they are about 800,000 to about 1.3 million people. Although they live belong to Myanmar, the government denies them citizenship or any rights. Neighboring Muslim countries of Bangladesh, Indonesia, and Malaysia have turned a blind eye to their sufferings, and at times have increased their sufferings. Who are the Rohingya people? Why are they persecuted? TheRead More →

Character assassination through biased and subject narratives of history, fiction, cartoons and now films:-all the known elements in history of the information media have been used to distort the image of a man whom Michael H Hart in his famous 1978 book ‘The 100 declared as the most influential person in the history of mankind’ . Muhammad (PBUH): a man born in the deserts of Arabia away from the Christian World in a society of tribal idolaters, who was raised as an orphan and never had any literary skills but still knew all the Biblical tales in details; a man raised in a society whereRead More →