Blessed was the dark night For all he could see was pure light Even though his eyes were closed His body lay there all but cold   His soul far  away He could see a hill and the ocean and the bay Coming down the hill he himself Followed by friends unknown Leading them all, was none but Rasolullah   May my life be sacrificed for him Mercy for mankind, Down he came Followed by him and a few friends When they reached the sandy beach The large bolder behind moved and closed The very path the blessed feet had strode Unnoticed the very sameRead More →

    Centuries gone, sun never shone Flowers died as did hope No warmth to feel and love to show All was quiet and covered in snow   One couldn’t hear the humming bees Nor the rustling of the fallen leaves No butterflies to seek the flowers Nor the clouds to bring showers   Drip, Drip,Drip! Water drops are dripping The Sun is comming out Or is it just an illusion? Who will uncover this mystery and confusion?   “I” Said the Faith from the abyss so dark! “Hold me fast and listen to the chirping lark” La Behold!  After centuries the first sunshine falls And brings the showers, bees, flowersRead More →

Music that falls from The heart A voice that seems to rise from the chest Expressions that seem to come Not from the screen but from within   What do I See I see the future Where I am free From the chains of enslavement Tears on my cheek I see hope over the hill Even though it may be high as the sky   I see the light, I hear the sweet song of the bird All I can smell is freedom Freedom from within Freedom for them Freedom from want freedom from oppression freedom from the bread freedom from the sun’s heat freedomRead More →

“They made us many promises. More than I can remember. But they kept one. They promised they would take our lands. Andthey took it.” Chief Red cloud of the Lakota nation Why do I cry. It was not my people, Who died there. But it is was my soul, That died with them. Apart of me was lost for ever, Apart of me erased for ever, Am I still human, Am I still son of Adam, Can the tears that fall, Erase what I feel. Dedicated To all the freedom fighters past and presentRead More →

Footsteps of the wind fall on the green grass Gently caressing tall trees Surfing over oceans wide High and low, water tides The moonlight touches the wind’s face Travelling over the lands and seas What a great friendship both have! Timeless commitment indeed! Good day Wind! Says the Moonlight, Where have you been? The wind responds with the deepest sigh; “Good day Moonlight, I have been to the land of greed Where there is no consideration Of emotions deep No man is loyal, no woman is sweet Angst of attachments Crushing passions sweet My storm is an effort To shake them a bit To createRead More →

  Only Togetherness and devotion; define a season… Bliss or torment, melody or lament The first snowfall, Together we stood in the woods Faces ablaze with love, Eager to embrace the snowflakes, Falling like fluttering butterflies Crossing our cheeks, stroking our smiles Whispering sweet endearments Moments of pure bliss, Making precious memories, Weaving  gossamer webs of delicate dreams. The last snowfall came too soon, Alone in the woods, forsaken and forlorn I try to face the falling snow, The white daggers fall too cruelly Blinding the sight, adding to the plight Piercing spikes of ice, Tear my heart, bruise my soul No magic within; notRead More →

    Today we went to the River Sat on a rock and placed our Hearts Placed our Hearts by the River’s side   The River asked, ‘why do u beat?’ The hearts replied, ‘Because of Love’ Because we speak the Language of Love   I turned to you You looked in my eyes Can’t you hear what my eyes say?   Your eyes listened To the strange Language Because we speak the Language of Love   You utter my name My heart stops It beats no more   My heart beats your name Time stops for eternity Your name is the Language of LoveRead More →

Let me Live! I’m being tortured n torn enough! By my own people And my Ones abroad!             Let me breathe! Fresh air with flowers and fragrance! Not the one Laden with smoke and blood!         Let me be free! From the claws and clutches Of conspiracies and deceits Entangled n Weak! Let me be ME! The Land of Pure! Not the Land with many nations! Dictated by Masters!             Let me Live! Let me Breath! Let me Free! Let me be, Pakistan!     By Rashida AzizRead More →

Lonely hearts in lonely times Hearing the chime of passing time Feeling homesick in a distant land Missing the pleasure of old time Reminiscing those memories and dreams Inhabiting in the hearts and souls serene Melodies of distant love and friendships Beautiful faces lost in the dust of time Sowing seeds in the land of memories In the hope to revive those buried dreams Some may reappear in the flowering spring Daffodils, tulips, roses, and jasmine (c) Rehana NazliRead More →

Oh sage of the east blessed have you Our land with beauty And poems of repute “My dear naked soul. I was born before my time I am not a poet, nor am I a sooth sayer I am not rhythm to be rhymed Nor am I clothing for thoughtless beauty. My words are carvings on a stone Rain o hale o storm it borne For those who see my writing bold A thousand visions each word may hold Surely for the vision to form Illumination o heart is the norm For the bees to come Flowers are needed and the sun. I am notRead More →