I m a man chained by time Why am I judged all the time My world is bizarre My mind is gone mad Tired and dying I beg forgiveness I tear my heart to you I tell you what I feel I can feel but I can’t express So I m seen as ‘cold n feelingless’ My feelings don’t find words So I die everyday So much is the pain my daily deaths So I m seen as ‘cold n feelingless’ I beg forgiveness I tear my heart to you I tell you what I feel My cries are not heard They find no earsRead More →

O Mother of peace My land, The young and old and those unborn What do you need? All give their lives to nurture your bones Your ever-thirsty skin, Absorbs blood like water Your lush green farms Don’t feed the poor Your flooded rivers Wash away what we hold Your screams and cries Break hearts of mountains cold Our sleepless nights and shattered dreams Your friendly skies are poring rain Our nights of hope so dark, so long, Waiting for a morning break O, mother of peace What would make you fulfilled? We hope to see your face glow With sunshine of pride you uphold WindsRead More →

  Deep inside everyone.   There is a part.   That has been crowded out by our mind   It has been imprisoned deep inside in a dungeon we dont even know exits.   The mind seems to tel us that it knows all.   Little do we know that this mind, needs to have empirical proof and logic processing   only then can it be of use to us.   Little do we know that the part imprisioned within the dungeon, whom we have forgotten needs no logic or emprical evidence.   It is a part of us that can feel knowledge and canRead More →

My mother Pakistan Like a dedicated n pious mother, strong she stands. We all drank her milk when we were young. Like spoilt children we stil sucked on her tits, when the milk dried, we kept on sucking. Instead of milk, Now we suck her blood. My elder brothers the Sardars, Khans, Choudris  and Waderas no longer need to suck her tits, they need money n wealth, they shamelessly sell her body to far off men, let her b raped by the highest bider every now n then. She is happy even if  in pain, to see her sons n daughters happy. Some of my teenage brothersRead More →

They told us We are a mistake They said We tore a nation in half They let us go Only on condition We take from them nothing They forced us to accept A land partitioned on a virtual map They Divided us By the fine line Of a pen They did it so We’d come back Running Crying and pleading them To take us back   So they thought We would break too soon Little did they know We were not a nation to quit so soon Even though we had nothing We moved on Little did they know The founders had passion to sowRead More →