Main Stream Media (MSM) has become irrelevant because it perceives public as dumb. This has indirectly forced the public to educate themselves through Social media, which in turn has made MSM even more irrelevant. Why does the Main Stream Media (BBC, CNN, Geo, ARY, AlJazera), have to explain the spoken audible words of Leaders or Politicians? These words or speeches are beamed through our TV screens, after initially reminding us several times that the said speech by said party leader or opposition or whomever it is, is about to get reinterpreted in the main-stream-media’s image and that it would be aired live as soon asRead More →

14 August and 15 August should be remembered for the largest known migration in modern history. Millions died when Pakistan was created. Muslims living in India had to cross over to the newly created nation to ovoid being slaughtered by Hindu vigilantes. Hindus living in Pakistan had to leave for India fearing revenge by Muslims for deaths in India by Hindus. The partition displaced up to 17 million people in the former British Indian Empire. In matter of weeks a mass migration took place in which everyone lost their homes, their belongings and their loved ones. Children, women and the old died on the way,Read More →

If one is fortunate enough to buy a bakra worth eighty thousand or may be a bull worth 2 million, there starts a non-stop ‘family entertainment’ and showing off the highly priced and overweight animal. Some people get extra lucky and get a few minutes coverage by any news channel too. Eid-ul-Adha is celebrated with great religious fervor across the Muslim world. This festival not only fulfills the religious obligations but also gives a social and economic boost to the society, as every ritual and action taught by Islam is universal and always has a positive impact on an individual and on society at large.Read More →

When the candle burns itself out And the night grows deep and silent I will tell you of a man Ayub When the lion’s heart cracks And he loses all hope I will tell you about Yunus When the daylight burns away the darkness And the birds sing their songs I will tell you of a man Suleiman When the first tear falls And you feel betrayed I will tell you about a child Yousuf When your heart is empty And companion less I will tell you about a mother Mariam When the first drop of blood Falls in to the sand I will tellRead More →

May 29, 1989, a team of paratroopers, led by Brig. Tariq Mehmood, for a free fall demonstration at the Army Aviation passing out parade at Rahwali near Gujranwala.That ill-fated day, circumstances took unfavorable turn. TM’s first Parachute did not open and the ropes got badly entangled. He cut those ropes with his dagger, and tried to open the backup Parachute. Its ropes also got cut and the parachute failed to deploy. At that moment the velocity with which he was coming down was enormous. He tried his best and somersaulted several times to cut speed but in vain, his distressed family witnessing this calamity helplesslyRead More →

  You and I need dreams… Gossamer webs of delicate finitude, Seemingly unreal; yet tangible to the touch, Mists of illusion, shrouding reality and its bitter multitude You and I need dreams… Sweet fantasies every night to keep us safely insane For ‘All that we see or seem, is but a dream within a dream’ ~AKRead More →

Bismi Allah iRahman iRahim Hopeful Pakistan as an organization has moved one step further. Al humdulillah, we have been able to setup a blog which will allow you to share your views, not only on facebook but with the rest of the world as well. The blog will be linked to the facebook group. All members of this group can log on to the blog with their Facebook IDs. If you need any help you can contact me directly here (Wali) The aim of the blog is to give a public vent to the great minds and writers of  Hopeful Pakistan. Anyone wishingRead More →