Cost of Inefficient Governance

Cost of Inefficient Governance

Police in any country is thought to be there to protect the citizens, lock the suspects so that peace & harmony prevail. Unfortunately in Pakistan, it has been doing totally the reverse of what their duty calls for. When lone incidents occur in any part of the country police stays silent, unless you hand in some bribes here and there.

Mostly incidents occur in front of the policemen but their silence drives the people of that area with rage, revenge and fury. This in turn becomes a situation which becomes uncontrollable, resulting in public lynching and mob attacks who deliver justice in their own way on the spot!

There are media reports from all over the country where people caught thieves and dacoits red-handed and stoned or torched them to death on the spot. One cannot expect otherwise when even in high profile cases like attack on GHQ led to nowhere as some suspects were arrested and later had to be released due to lack of sufficient evidence.

There are genuine complaints that in most of the cases police do not bother to arrest criminals and prefers underhand deals with them and even if someone is arrested he gets released due to lackluster investigations and in the absence of reliable evidence. In some cases, even judges do not award sentence to culprits for fear of reprisals as some judges have been targeted by criminals in different parts of the country.

Political interference and appointments in police have also played havoc with the system besides bruised psyche of the people due to day-to-day problems. Mob rule seems to be the rule of the day and it is time for the executive, the legislature and the judiciary to take remedial measures, otherwise the system is bound to collapse soon.

Incompetency, contributes 70% and corruption contributes 30% of the 100% failure of today’s government and the rest of the institutions that it heads. Every Government department in the world today needs expertise that are educated and trained in their specific fields. But look at us! The worst people who got themselves elected with fake degrees in basic graduation are the sole fathers of all the departments today. Corruption is at peak level. What elaborate starting from any department and ending on any sector anything and everything is dependent upon give and take of money.

The Current government is concentrating for 5 years in power and making as much money as they can, to take care of the next four generations, they know that they will not be elected next time, they are not bothered and as the track record shows maybe after 10 years of cycle they will return to power again. Everyday life is based on ad hoc decisions and personalized dealings.

How can we take actions for a better society? The solutions lie within if we apply good governance to the existing institutions.

1). Rule of law must be made supreme for all irrespective of what background one comes from. More than 80% of the problems faced by the oppressed can be resolved this way. The police should be well paid and under no institutional interference. Catching and apprehending a culprit becomes more efficient this way. Police transfers and appointments should be done by the institution itself with no recommendations taken either by the President or the Prime Minister of the country.

2). Feudalism should be abolished in Pakistan with immediate effect. 90% of the problems will be resolved once this system is collapsed by the Government.

3). Education should be a top priority for all the citizens of the country. The meager 2.2% of the GDP is totally not sufficient for the nation. System of education should be one in the country and till the 10thgrade it should be made compulsory on all. Students and young people should be encouraged and given the chance to enroll in classes that teach skilled trades such as construction, welding and plumbing. Child labor should ban and the ones found guilty in this heinous crime should be punished severely.

4). Health facilities need to be improved on war footing. With the 75% deprived of medical cure the Government needs to spend more on this sector for the betterment of the citizens. Hospitals should be better equipped with proper medical care and staff in uniformity throughout the country.

5). Increase in minimum wage and unemployment allowances should be set up for the poor and labor class.

The people of Pakistan need a better chance in life. Under present scenario of a forced imposed war on Pakistan which has left the economy crumbled and has increased the sufferings of common man specially the above mentioned category of people more oppressed and excluded.

An ideal society where; equality is maintained, justice is in balance, and where people feel secure to live in. The economy must enable all the citizens of our country to enjoy a rising standard of living. This will demand of all sectors of the economy – state-owned, private, and co-operative to allocate resources and implement policies in keeping with this common national requirement.

Such a society isn’t an unachievable one; for I believe with love and conviction we can definitely bring a change into the present scenario. We must commit ourselves to carrying at least a few grains of sand as hope to the building site of a new society.

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