ELOPING MUSHARAF, An Ugly Sight- Khawaja Tahir Rasid

ELOPING MUSHARAF, An Ugly Sight- Khawaja Tahir Rasid

The worst thing which could have happened with the concept of rule of law was eloping of Musharaf from Islamabad High Court (IHC) with the help of private security and rangers. The army bosses, who are bent on giving him protection, come what may, should understand that the Pakistan army is the prime target of international media. Siding with the cause of Musharaf will further dint in the already distorted impression of the army. The people are still not over from Abbottabad saga in which Pak army was literally humiliated and forced in to submission.

People have the strange psyche that they tend to quickly forget the good things but remember the bad ones. Our army has sacrificed heavily during the so called war on terror and they continue to do so. Most of people respect it and in fact proud of it. This is the most important aspect of our society and should be endeavoured hard to keep the sentiments the same way, by both army and civilian establishment.

If an ordinary citizen is ordered by the court for the arrest, the police would have pounced on him and might drag him to police van. IHC today witnessed the worst eschewing by an army general where the local police was rendered mere spectator. He escaped in flagrant disregard of the court’s order with criminal connivance of ranger personnel. He is living in the fool paradise along with many others. He was perhaps not expecting this order from the court and rushed shamefully out of the court encircled by his private security and rangers. This was the sheer disrespect of the court and the people of Pakistan.

This is the same Musharaf who incarcerated the highest judiciary along with their families for over one year. Who would forget the scenes when the Chief justice could only be seen beyond the barbed wires? The most fallacious argument put forth by his lawyer in the court was that it was done for their security. It looks that Musharaf & Co treats every Pakistani like Sharifs, which might entail the very serious negative consequences in the long run both for him and the army. Telling blatant lies and sticking with them is tarnishing the otherwise very prestigious image of the vital state institution.

It looks that he is extremely ill-advised by the lawyers and friends alike. If Kausori is not enough, Aithezaz, Asma and Barar are in the queue and can be consulted for the silhouettes of final nail of coffin.

Who will give the safe passage to him when his cases are actively being pursued in the courts? The sane elements are sounding warnings to top army brass as not to protect him in a way which amounts to dwarfing of its clean image. Whether army is acting at its own or on some outside direction, will soon be discovered and in both instances, our army is not triumphant.

It now seems quite evident that Musharaf was hoaxed to come to Pakistan. The ostensive purpose was either to demean the army or have him killed by Talabans. The forces who gave him shelter in UK are fully versed with the political arena of Pakistan and it is out of question that he was brought as potential third political force in Pakistan.

The Supreme Court of Pakistan has already started proceedings on the petition filed for directing the Federal Government to initiate the case under article 6 of the constitution. The question that the abettors like General Kiani, if he is, should also be getting the same punishment as the main culprit, is farce and devoid of any legal substance at this moment. This might come for the dilation of the courts only if Musharaf is indicted under the high treason charge. So beating the line “ Bat nikli tho bohat door talak jayai gee” is absolutely misleading and amounts to exert the undue influence on the courts which is liable to back fire!

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