Freedom from Reality

Freedom from Reality

Music that falls from The heart

A voice that seems to rise from the chest

Expressions that seem to come

Not from the screen but from within


What do I See

I see the future

Where I am free

From the chains of enslavement

Tears on my cheek

I see hope over the hill

Even though it may be high as the sky


I see the light, I hear the sweet song of the bird

All I can smell is freedom

Freedom from within

Freedom for them

Freedom from want

freedom from oppression

freedom from the bread

freedom from the sun’s heat

freedom from the bruises of on my hand

freedom from from the sky of terror

freedom from the flesh

freedom from the soil

freedom from the mind


But am I dreaming?
This must be heaven?

In any case
I am sure
I am half dead.

Tajwali Khan

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