Let us Abolish all Contempt Laws – by Khawajah Tahir Rashid

Let us Abolish all Contempt Laws – by Khawajah Tahir Rashid

Pakistan is a country of wonders. We have a President, who is the beneficiary of an assassination, inheritor of the political party through will and stigmatic with 10 percent all over the world. It is a place where the incumbent President can rape any woman or molest any boy by the dent of Article 248 (2) of the Constitution. It is a where Prime Minister is disqualified by the highest court and he still hang on till he is given the marching orders. We have a system of democracy where the Speaker of the assembly becomes the Chief Judge and the spurious constitutional experts would term her Darbar “the court of the speaker”.

Let us scrape the contempt law altogether. Let us finish all High Courts and Supreme Court. Why we need these courts when we are forced to go back to Stone Age.

The might shall decide every issue. Private jails will serve our purpose. The budget spent on the big army will be dispensed with. Private squads can replace the police as they would do no different. Population planning will be effective automatically; the only extra effort will be on digging mass graves. Our nuclear assets are to be taken care off. We had sold acres of acres land in Islamabad for that purpose. Schools will not be needed at all. We will be able to send our children for education to UK, USA etc.

Every skilled worker will be taken care of very well. All his needs will be catered for through Khans, Wadaras, Choudrys or Maliks. Wages and business receipts in cash will be slightly dangerous to handle so it will be replenished with necessary commodities. Karachi and Baluchistan will be no go area. Local people will work in mines all over Baluchistan, tribal areas, North etc, and will be handsomely rewarded as in Africa.

So who will go to bazaars and shopping centres? Therefore, these will have to be used for some other purposes or left vacant for future use. The shopping centres of the caretakers will be in well defined areas, fully barbed.

The district and session courts might work. There should a place for Punjayat. If these court buildings are still in abundance, the animals of the taikadars can be accommodated there.

There will very scant hospitals but will be available only for those who take care of masses and not for masses. Mostly the medical facilities abroad will be utilized.

The railway is just a junk of iron and should be treated as such. The animal carts are the best way of the transportation in daily routine. The cars etc. are for those who carry on important duties.

PIA is of no use. Only two or three planes will be enough to cater for the international flying needs. They can also be used for local routes.

The mosques will be declared as the most important places and the Mullahs as most respected and dreaded. All the food and clothing for Mullas and their families are to be looked after by the important people of the area. They are just to issue fatwa and lead prayers, rest they relax.

No television so there will be nothing like media. As the electricity will not be required, there is no question of print media. Mr Luqman and co will deliver the inspirational speeches to the labourers of Malik Taikadar!!

Well, we can still have Supreme and High Courts but without the effective law of contempt of court, we can achieve the above objectives. Mr President, Only you will have to change the Constitution to this effect. President Sahib, this can still be done as Sharifs have to save their global wealth!

By Khawaja Tahir Rashid

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