Little Ants – The Story of a Nation

Little Ants – The Story of a Nation

They told us
We are a mistake

They said
We tore a nation in half

They let us go
Only on condition
We take from them nothing

They forced us to accept
A land partitioned on a virtual map
They Divided us
By the fine line Of a pen

They did it so
We’d come back Running

Crying and pleading them
To take us back


So they thought
We would break too soon

Little did they know
We were not a nation to quit so soon

Even though we had nothing
We moved on

Little did they know
The founders had passion to sow

The enthusiasm of the fathers
The fire of hearts they kindled

brick by brick
Stick by stick

We started from scratch
We made something of nothing

Year by year
They expected us to fail

Year by year
they expected us
To break our backs

Its not that we never fell
But with each new fall
We stood up again
Dusted and walked again

Limping or Crawling. Less for ourselves
More  for those who kindled the fire.

Yes they did break our back
but like little ants

We raised our chins
and move on still

With each new problem they said
The most turbulent point of our history

Little do we know
With each new disaster

The sages smile from the grave
As if each is a test from the All Mighty Unknown
No one  to steer the ship
Even still
It sails  on and on

At last  the even the infidels  have come to confess
That God Truly must exist
How else would this rusty ship  sail on and on

By Tajwali Khan

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  1. Powerful, passionate, touching, inspiring!Such a vivid description of our history, our struggle, our dilemas, our resilience-a real gem-Must read for everybody.

  2. You comprehensively and honestly expressed the sentiments of whole nation. Your expression is strong and depicts firm believe. Stay blessed always!

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