Why has the Main Stream Media Become Irrelevant?

Why has the Main Stream Media Become Irrelevant?

Main Stream Media (MSM) has become irrelevant because it perceives public as dumb. This has indirectly forced the public to educate themselves through Social media, which in turn has made MSM even more irrelevant.

Why does the Main Stream Media (BBC, CNN, Geo, ARY, AlJazera), have to explain the spoken audible words of Leaders or Politicians?

These words or speeches are beamed through our TV screens, after initially reminding us several times that the said speech by said party leader or opposition or whomever it is, is about to get reinterpreted in the main-stream-media’s image and that it would be aired live as soon as available.

Many of us fail to appreciate the logic behind it. Why the incessant need to break it down for us, the Public.

Is the Main Stream Media (MSM) presuming we were all idiots?

Nowadays, with Social Media, as soon as anything is said, especially by the carriers and deliverer’s of our news, many of us go digging for corroboration, arguments against or for, other avenues echoing the same sentiments, then and only then do most of us form an opinion or make a judgment.

The point is I am trying to make is that the 24/7 media spends much of its time assuming the public are ‘Idiots’, while we the public have made it our mission to understand the MSM clearly.

The MSM, in its hurriedness to act as if everything was complicated and, needing to give a break down to an audience, it clearly assumed the public needed an education. I am happy to inform the MSM, we all heeded your nudge and went about educating ourselves.

The MSM needs to wake up

In simple conclusion to you, BBC News, SkyNews, ITV News, ARYNews, GeoNews and the rest of you, who call yourselves MSM, we the public have learnt and we shall keep learning.

But unfortunately what is blatantly obvious is that what you folks, in the main stream media have learnt, has become irrelevant and, yes, you can go ahead and blame the internet, because that would be the truth.

My humble advice then to you ( Yes, it is humble, because after all, who the hell does this nobody think she is ……right?) anyway, you all need to unlearn whatever it is that makes you all so patronizing towards your audience and relearn everything.

May I kindly ask you to begin at true humility and step away from all your natural instincts which is to come across arrogant, you may not see that or want to agree, but as one who is every now and then your audience, trust me or feel free to go through back catalogues of videos of your work, and critique yourselves eh?..

Then, and only then, will you see, what we your audience see, and will start to slowly comprehend why many of us.

We on the other hand, might save ourselves unnecessary anxiety and just switch you off.

~The End~

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