MELTING ICE – By Rashida Aziz

MELTING ICE – By Rashida Aziz



Centuries gone, sun never shone

Flowers died as did hope

No warmth to feel and love to show

All was quiet and covered in snow


One couldn’t hear the humming bees

Nor the rustling of the fallen leaves

No butterflies to seek the flowers

Nor the clouds to bring showers


Drip, Drip,Drip! Water drops are dripping

The Sun is comming out

Or is it just an illusion?

Who will uncover this mystery and confusion?


“I” Said the Faith from the abyss so dark!

“Hold me fast and listen to the chirping lark”

La Behold!  After centuries the first sunshine falls

And brings the showers, bees, flowers and all


Sway O gloomy Soul! Sway in joy

The Faith will melt the ice and make you fly

You are destined to get the Honey and Hope

Let the ice melt, flowers to bloom and bees to approach!


RASHIDA AZIZ…….Dedicated  to those who inspired me!!
The following video is based on the above  poem by Rashida Aziz (Concept by Tajwali Khan)

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