Moonlight and Wind -A poem by Rehana Nazli

Moonlight and Wind -A poem by Rehana Nazli

Footsteps of the wind fall on the green grass

Gently caressing tall trees

Surfing over oceans wide

High and low, water tides

The moonlight touches the wind’s face

Travelling over the lands and seas

What a great friendship both have!

Timeless commitment indeed!

Good day Wind! Says the Moonlight,

Where have you been?

The wind responds with the deepest sigh;

“Good day Moonlight, I have been to the land of greed

Where there is no consideration

Of emotions deep

No man is loyal, no woman is sweet

Angst of attachments

Crushing passions sweet

My storm is an effort

To shake them a bit

To create some space

For silence and peace

To reflect, to ponder

Their commitment to each”

Moonlight smiled at the wind’s response

Gently kissing wind’s hand

Glowing its divine light,

“Let me hug you sweetheart

To heal the pain you feel

I understand your anguish

Transferred by human beings.

We must not forget our mutual friendship,

To last till the end of time,

We are appointed by God of Nature

To guide, to assist, to uplift and heal

Humankinds and creatures small or big”

(C) Rehana Nazli

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