My Mother Pakistan

My Mother Pakistan

My mother Pakistan

Like a dedicated n pious mother, strong she stands. We all drank her milk when we were young.

Like spoilt children we stil sucked on her tits, when the milk dried, we kept on sucking.

Instead of milk, Now we suck her blood.

My elder brothers the Sardars, Khans, Choudris  and Waderas no longer need to suck her tits, they need money n wealth, they shamelessly sell her body to far off men, let her b raped by the highest bider every now n then.

She is happy even if  in pain, to see her sons n daughters happy.

Some of my teenage brothers have even dirtier Intentions, to which my mother bows her head in shame. Powerles she stands.

Now my mother is old n my brothers cant sell her body any more.

She’s grown thin,

N smells of these foreign filthy men

That have invaded her, every now n then.

Now She cant be sold any more. My brothers want to sell her to butcher Sam, to cut her flesh bit by bit, kilo by kilo, till she falls.

I still suck on her tits, I am stil young, I just hope she lives until I can stand.

I can do no much.

But at least when she dies, I can hold her head, n kiss her feet………… with tears in my eyes,

My Mother Pakistan.

Tajwali Khan

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