Conversation with Iqbal

Conversation with Iqbal

Oh sage of the east
blessed have you

Our land with beauty
And poems of repute

“My dear naked soul. I was born before my time
I am not a poet, nor am I a sooth sayer

I am not rhythm to be rhymed
Nor am I clothing for thoughtless beauty.

My words are carvings on a stone
Rain o hale o storm it borne

For those who see my writing bold
A thousand visions each word may hold

Surely for the vision to form
Illumination o heart is the norm

For the bees to come
Flowers are needed and the sun.

I am not a singer to sooth ur flesh
But I am light to warm ur ever- runing soul

I am what you see in the dark
Even if you were blind a thousand years”

By Wälí Khan


The above was written after reading comments by Rashida Aziz on Hadiqah Kiyanis video below:

“Had Iqbal been alive n seen his poetry being ruined by Hadiqa would have disowned  all his POETRY”
-Raashida Aziz

Az Chashme Saqi – Hadiqa Kiani (Exclusive)

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  1. You have successfully balanced the harm done by Ms.Hadiqa . I am sure now Great Iqbal would not disown his work.

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