The prison we hide by Tajwali khan

The prison we hide by Tajwali khan


Deep inside everyone.


There is a part.


That has been crowded out by our mind


It has been imprisoned deep inside in a dungeon we dont even know exits.


The mind seems to tel us that it knows all.


Little do we know that this mind, needs to have empirical proof and logic processing


only then can it be of use to us.


Little do we know that the part imprisioned within the dungeon, whom we have forgotten needs no logic or emprical evidence.


It is a part of us that can feel knowledge and can see with out eyes


All we need to do is release it from the this dungeon


Let the mind take the back seat.


The mind is device created by Allah as an automated tool to run our body and react to the inviroment.


It was not created for thinking and reflection


It is our soul and our heart that is suppose to do these functions.


That part of u to which it speaks is this part


Release it


LEt it be free.


Close ur eyes

So you may see the unseen


Embrace the darkness,

So you may shine


Hold ur breath,

So you may hear


Bend ur knees,

So may see from the sky


Close ur eyes,

and call ur visions


Stop ur run,

Then only may you rise


And, find the circle,

The centre of your being—!

By Tajwali Khan

Last two lines by Madam Ra’ana Dilruba Yasmin. I cant express my gratitude to her for the inspiration and guidance she has provided.

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