Rehman Malik – Pakistani or British. Another Nail in the Coffin

Rehman Malik – Pakistani or British. Another Nail in the Coffin

Rehman Malik Interior Minister of Pakistan has been suspended by the court for being a British National while holding  an important Ministry and being a senator. The Court ruled that this is against the constitution and the accused has not been able to prove that he has given up his British citizen ship.

Yet another pawn is strewn and this time by his own delinquency. It is dereliction of national duty and gross contempt of court; to lie and present the forged or dubious documents in the court. But the PPP is a party prone to ugly conduct from top to bottom since the day it swooped in the power corridors.

I am of course, referring to the suspension of the senate membership of Rehman Malik by the Supreme Court of Pakistan, temporarily.  The incumbent interior minister, the most powerful sleuth of the country went down very unceremoniously and seemingly without any compunction.

Why it is PPP with whom this treatment is meted out, screamed one female member of the legislature. The answer is not very intricate. Why PPP has chosen to entangle into all the illegal acts glaringly unabashed is anybody’s guess.

The argument that he had applied in 2008 for the revocation of UK nationality is farce and lack any force of conviction. The Doggar courts could have accepted this cockamamie argument but not these courts.

It is ironical that Mr President who last gave him the pardon within no time after High Court convicted Mr Rehman, is helpless in this case. This pardon was also yet another irking mockery of the constitution of Pakistan.

If at this stage the legal representative of Mr Rehman could not produce the evidence of fee paid, it is very unlikely that it will be produced in future. The acknowledgment received from UK Border Agency could also be produced as alternate evidence. But it looks all is set for the ouster of most hatred demon both within and outside of PPP.

There are questions of serious contour now for the SC to consider and dilate upon. A rule has to be established in order to deal with such frivolities by the public representatives.

If the appointment of Mr Rehman was ab initio void and illegal, all his orders have become devoid of any legal effects. There may be many litigants and sufferers who would be flexing their muscles.

Who will be responsible for the billions of rupees expensed by Mr Rehman from audited and unaudited funds available to him throughout his illegal stay as interior minister? This was very valuable money drawn out of national exchequer.

The SC also has to fix the responsibility on Election Commission and the convicted PM.

It is news that he will be appointed as advisor to PM. This will be illegal on two counts. First the convicted PM cannot sign any orders till the outcome of petition filed against the ruling of the Speaker. And secondly he might be indicted on the charges of contempt of court.

Looking at the past behaviour of PPP, it is certain that he will be made advisor for taunting SC, even on the face of looming possibility of his disqualification.

Believe it or not, PPP is going to face the worst days of their history if it lost the coming elections. In the government, they had the powers of administration to shield the mass corruption and maladministration. Out of government, they will not find many mourners like 1979. This time the son in law has done it for them, not Zia!


By Khawaja Tahir Rashid

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