There are days that will stay with us for the rest of our lives residing in our memory. Some are good and some are very sad. I shall remember this day 27th Jan. when I kneeled at my freiend Shahpur Khan’s grave. The tears welled up as I tried to be strong and hold them back. It is never easy saying goodbye to a loved one who has passed away. Though I am much older I still felt like crying like a baby for my dearest friend.

Today is another sad day as I face saying goodbye for the final time for a very close friend who was a tremendous influence in my life. There are people who come into your life and touch it immediately. I have had many friends throughout my life but many have come and gone as time passed but for my friend Shahpur Khan it was very different. Although we had not seen each other in a while he was a truly special friend to me and he was always asking me how I was doing and he had a sincere interest in Pakistan’s situation. When I worked with Shahpur Khan it was a professional relationship and he was always very accommodating and would show his dedication and loyalty. As time went on that professional relationship continued and it led to a very meaningful friendship as well.

As I sat and listened to family and friends talk of Shahpur Khan I realized what I knew all along that he touched everyone who came into his life. He was a devoted son, a devoted brother, a devoted employee and a devoted friend. You could sense the warmth and love

We were ten years old, when we went to school (Lawrence College, Ghore Gali) together. He came into the classroom, looking so serious and only sat next to me because he couldn’t find a seat. We looked at each other. We were so different, he was clever and popular, I was shy and quiet. It took us a while to understand our humour and ways, but we did.

Born on July 2, 1956, in Mir Ali, North Wazirirtan, Shahpur Khan studied law at London School of Economics. I was there as student of Economic History and International Relations. As a student, he utilized his energies to champion equality and justice for Pakistanis living in U.K.

After graduating from LSE with honors in 1987, Shahpur Khan (& me) applied to the LSE for job. We worked together with Mr. Paul Davies, Professor of Commercial Law at the London School of Economics, as Research Assistants.

He joined The Scottish American Investment Company as consultant in 1990 before joining Royal Bank of Scotland in 1991 as Manager overseas investments. He worked with RBS till he breathed his last on 19th Jan.2013.


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