Self Awarness

Self Awarness


“Thy soul cares only for itself, like the camel:
It is self-conceited, self-governed, and self-willed.

Be a man, get its halter into thine hand,
That thou mayst become a pearl albeit thou art a potter’s vessel.

He that does not command himself
Becomes a receiver of commands from others.”

Iqbal – AsrariKhudi


The circumstances and conditions of life may play a part in our sufferings and distress. But mostly we suffer at our own hands. We are victims of our own ignorance.

We may not only create havoc in our own lives knowingly or unknowingly but others may also be affected adversely by our attitudes.

A pleasant surprise if you analyze how much time you spend on self-development. To a large extent we neglect our most important possession – The self.

In doing so, we may not only be doing justice to our obligations and to our country but to our lord, Almighty Allah, as well.

Without the desire to transform, we are on a risky path. The choice and decision are ours to take. Unless we take stock of the situation and integrate useful changes we are in a loss.

The first step then is to put emphasis on self-awareness. If we wish to illuminate our life and help others see light and nurture our connection with Allah and with our beloved country, then we must become self-aware.

Self-awareness is to be aware of one’s thoughts, feelings, reactions, attitudes and values in the context of :
• Self-self,
• Self- others,
• Self-country/world


• Self-Allah relationship.

We must ponder on how these affect the quality of relationship.

Self- Pakistan relation occupies a central position from the viewpoint of Hopeful Pakistan. Being mindful of other’s thoughts, feelings, reactions, attitudes and values and how these affect self-others relationship is also important.

JoHari window describes 4 parts of self. Open self is known to us as well as to others. Hidden self is known to us but not to others while blind one is known to others but not to us. Unknown self is neither known to us or to others. One may imagine the detrimental effects of our blind spots, unknown and hidden aspects on our various relations in general and with our country in particular.

One needs to increase the open part of the window. Continued efforts to enhance self-awareness and monitoring of its development, may lead to greater levels of happiness, satisfaction, personal control, success and relation with self, with others/world, with Pakistan and with Almighty Allah.

To Increasing self-awareness:

Asking questions about yourself
Who am I: I am………; I am………. . and so on.

How you see your country

Strengths and weaknesses
Self-improvement goals: I want to improve…….; I want to improve……and so on. Listening to others and knowing their views about yourself.

Seeking information about you from others.
Seeing 4 halves of self. Increase open self.

” If thou canst rule thy camel (thy self), thou wilt rule the world.
And wear on thine head the crown of Solomon.
Thou wilt be the glory of the world whilst the world lasts, 895
And thou wilt reign in the kingdom incorruptible.”

By Shahid Rashid

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