Unless we become politically active our fate will never change – By Khawaja Tahir Rashid

Unless we become politically active our fate will never change – By Khawaja Tahir Rashid



Every year come August, we are greeted with flags, sky rocketed slogans and yet unprecedented vigorous fervor. Our national emblem of patriotic emotions, touch the highest on 14 of August and sadly, dash to abysmal low on the next day.

Our educated ‘Silent majority’, never seem to analyze what has gone wrong with us. Why we do we have Sharif/Zardari/Raja Pervez and India has MukherJee / Manmoohan Singh.

Mukherjee is the author of four books and a statesman who started his political career from scratch.

India’s PM Dr Manmoohan Singh, was the pioneer of economic growth for his country while he was finance minister from 1991 to 1996. On the other side of divide, our PM Raja Pervez had plunged this country into darkness while he was minister of Water&Power during the current regime.

Nawaz Sharif, Benazir Bhutto & other leaders are involved in corruption, looting, they are non-tax payers but still we love them. Instead of developing the national institutions and letting them free to work under the rules, they deteriorated the institutions and used them for their own means. Zardari and Nawaz Sharif inducted their own people in national institutions especially in Police and Judiciary and used them for their own sake.

What a disgusting comparison one would say. Why we have lagged behind thousand miles from India. Some thing went wrong and someone needs to answers. Even better someone needs to ask questions.

As history unraveled, from 1947 to 1958 a very shrewd and dexterous political game was played with this country. It was a lesson taught to the general public and in particular to the honest and educated people. A bad picture was painted of the politics and the politicians.

Mistrust was imbued about the political institutions through crooked and curvy moves. The Communist Party was banned in 1951 and with that almost all the budding intellectuals of infant Pakistan landed in Jail and subsequently out of politics. Many of them migrated to India. It was the most lethal jolt to the very foundation of poised and honest class of the Pakistan.

In the first eleven years prime ministers, governor generals and presidents were changed like pajamas. The so called power brokers were rewarded the top slot one day and humiliated the very next day by dethroning. The army generals kept on sniffing smell of political power through unhindered interaction with civilians. A very strong impression of scum politics was created on the minds of the every patriotic Pakistani who transferred this to their next generation. We were were told that politics is for the dirty people, who could tolerate every filth on them and were capable to throwing it back at others.

The martial law of 1958 was the last thing which the visionaries of Pakistan could tolerate and majority of them, who were still in the field, said good bye to politics for good.

A creed of pseudo military politicians emerged. These politicians drew blood from the army and its establishment. In character as one could expect, they were treacherous, deceitful, dishonest and devoid of any emotions for doing any good to others except themselves.

The left over intellectuals were either fooled by the Bhuttos or the Wali Khans of the era. In the end, they were smirched and thrown as used worthless tissues. Afzal Bangash and Major Ishaque were few of them. Culled brutally and when they realized what happened to them, most of their strength and power was already guzzled. A few political parties were formed but lost into oblivion because lack of concerted vision.

Zia era gave emergence to a new family- power-loop called Sharifs. They were never were and will be ‘sharifs’ by any means. They amassed the unbelievable wealth and wielded unprecedented political power and turned Punjab as their personal estate.

When the Sharifs were no longer entertained by the GHQ in Musharaf era, they reverted to the real power brokers of Pakistan, the Americans. They became the befitting pieces hence they benefited along with Bhuttos/PPP by the NRO.

MQM was gift from Zia which was well nourished by Musharaf. It was another facet of power whose ultimate stings are lost into the West.

The student unions were banned and never ever revived again. Dirty wealth by any means jumped into political arena to safeguard their owners. They were in plenty in both Zia and Musharaf eras. The military interventions did not allow the people to judge the parliamentarians continuously, not even for a single full-fledged democratic tenure.

The traditional power points were never challenged seriously. Every time their misdeeds had been covered inadvertently by Khaki interventions.

The end result of this wicked game, played from the very inception of Pakistan, was as perceived by the perpetrators.

We have now entered into the third generations of apolitical intelligentsia. The upright and worthy Pakistanis not only themselves stayed away from politics but they forced their next generation as well not to join. This was a huge blunder forefathers made.

It was an honest mistake but alas we have and we will suffer, hugely, from this Mistake. The ultimate power to rule was left to those who were corrupt, the scum of society, ruthless and ready to sell their mothers, for money and power.

The honest were corrupted, by one way or the other,  and collaborated to plunder with other corrupts. They corroded education by employing the incompetents. Their next generations were brought up by mingling with their own class. It was ingrained on their minds that they are the rulers and rest of the nation are the stupid peasants.

The name of the game was changed from  competence  and honesty to opportunity, influence, craft and wealth. Corruption became their birth right, as mentioned by one politician on a live TV talk show.

Unless we realize this bitter reality of being apolitical, our next generation will be doomed.

Social Media has given some hope to the next generation. Some political awareness has been achieved. But the elite are busy building walls  to counter this trend.


We have Mr. ten percent Zardai. Bilawal might be ninety percent!

Mr Raza Gailani is only corrupt but Musa is drug baron and the other one is the Haj trader!

Hamza Sharif and cousins seem to be more pervert than fathers and uncles!

Sons of ANP are also lurking hither and thither for easy loads!!

We have to decide for our next generation now, if they are to suffer the same fate or not.

What is a revolution? It is occurs when the majority of the people become politically active in a short period of time. Unless we become politically active our fate will never change. In the words of Iqbal:

ہم نے خود شاہی کو پہنایا ہے جمہوری لباس
جب ذرا آدم ہوا ہے خود شناس و خود نگ

We have camouflaged the kingship, as democracy, and the man became aware of this fact

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