Cash Assistance Camp for NWA IDPs

Cash Assistance Camp for NWA IDPs at Azad Mandi Tent Village, FR Bannu, KPK, organised under the banner of Hopeful Pakistan Foundation on September 06, 2014. ‘NWA IDPs Camp at .’

Respected board members Dr Tahirullah Khan and Dr Saeed Anwer reached the IDPs camp accompanied by Mr Muhammad shareef. The camp was visited by the team after a brief planning meeting with the camp in charge Mr Gul Wali.

Dr. Tahirullah addressing the Gathering


During their interaction with the IDPs, the board members expressed their solidarity and motivated them saying that the tests and trials are a part of faith and an opportunity to master with patience for success in this life and hereafter.

During the visit, the team members noted the insufficient health care facilities and availability of medicines for which it was assured that HPF will provide medicines for the camp dispensary in the near future. In Shaa ALLAH.


Hopeful Pakistan Foundation has been collecting funds for the said camp and the respected members of the foundation had donated generously in this regard.

Cash assistance has been given to a total of fifty families residing in the camp.


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