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FIRST COMMUNITY HEALTH CAMP at Yusuf Baba Kalay ( Mohmand Agency) near Tehsil Tangi (District Charsada)  organized on August 31, 2013, under the banner of HOPEFUL PAKISTAN FOUNDATION.

The wonderful team consisted of Dr Tahir Ullah Khan, Dr Saeed Anwer and his colleagues from Peshawar Medical College Prime Foundation and volunteers from the host community.

The camp was able to provide a range of curative, preventive and health promotional services to 250 women, children and men of this area.

Actually the Yousaf baba area belongs to lower Mohmand Agency( Trible area), but Tangi tehsil is the best approachable place for these people. Even the patients from Bajorh agency near river Swat are coming to Tangi.

Dr. Tahirullah – one of the founding members of Hope Pakistan Foundation say,  “It was the poverty of the people, difficult life with lack of heath facilities & schools & c-  Severe Watery Diarrhea Epidemics in every rainy season with a high mortality rate that caught my attention & will to do some thing for these people. The peacefulness of the area & people encouraged us.”

HPF camp was planned and implemented in an innovative manner than the traditional way of merely examining the patients and distributing the medicines. Its additional and important components were health education and skills transfer sessions where the steps of hygienic hand washing and water purification through water purifying agents were not only demonstrated but community members were also involved to learn simultaneously through imitating the skills being demonstrated.

Patient and family members education was also done by the examining panel of doctors. Camps are intended not to be once off activity rather these will be repeated for an impact creation. Patient data is under analysis and a detailed report will be drawn up for dissemination later.

Hopeful Pakistan Foundation would like to thank World Health Organization (WHO) for providing water purifying agents and educational material for the camp.

Volunteer doctors who took part in the Project were :

Dr Fazal Rabi (From Tangi Charsadda)
Dr Waheed Alam Turangzai

The Hopeful Pakistan Foundation members who took part in this project, noted the following  :

1. The current water sources are WATER SPRINGS, RAIN WATER CHANNELS. The water springs are very limited & usually quite away from the houses that is why girls expert & healthy enough to bring water are seen helping their families. The rain water is causing diarrhea epidemics but neccessity forces the locals to use this.

2.  Lack of electricity & tube wells. Therefore a lack of  sufficient and  easy supply of water.

3. Cleaning the springs & securing the water from pollution may the 1st step but providing electricity , motorized wells, Solar energy tube wells( solar cells & electricity already very popular here)

4.  Rain water reserves & cleaning may be the next option



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