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In the name of Allah, the most Gracious, the most of Merciful

The aim of the blog is to give a public vent to the great minds and writers. Anyone wishing to contribute articles can send an email to the editor and we will publish it on the blog. The ID of the editor is [Editor at]. To prevent spam the at symbol has been avoided.

Everyone can bring change by doing whatever little or more is in their sphere of influence. We can share positive thoughts and ideas that will help others. May be our ideas will influence others to have even better ideas and which might in turn lead others to some positive change.

With the internet spread of ideas is not Arithmetic but Geometric.  1 will not lead 2 and 3 and 4. But 1 will lead 2 and 4 and 8 and 16 and so on. We need to understand and harness this power. This blog provides you an opportunity to use this power.

In the same manner, writing for the web is different from other writing. On the Web readers have very short concentration spans. In order to attract them, your writing must be simple and up to the point. Sentences should not be unnecessarily complex. The lessor words you are  able to communicate in, the more you will be able attract readers.

In summary you should aid the reader. Your article must be easy on the eyes, with a lot of white space.

I guess we are moving towards an age of simplicity. The simpler your thoughts and the simpler your writing, the  further you will reach.

We will be waiting for you.  Blow us away

The blog will be linked to the facebook group. All members of this group can log on to the blog with their Facebook IDs. If you need any help you can contact me directly here (Wali)

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