Membership: Eligibility,  Continuation & Termination

1. Any person, who is ≥18 years of age and is herself / himself a bona fide citizen of Pakistan or an expatriate Pakistani (duly verifiable with documentary evidence, if and when needed), may become its member, given that she / he:

1.1.  Subscribes to its vision, mission, core values, aims and objectives.

1.2.  Agrees to abide by the laid down membership terms (as may be updated from time to time).

1.3.  Agrees to pay the prescribed membership fee (if & when levied or revised), in the prescribed manner.

1.4.  Any person below the age of 18 may become an associate member provided 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3 are accepted.


2. He / She must not be guilty of any major crime or financial misconduct, excluding slander as defined by the laws of Pakistan (including international law or other countries’ laws to which Pakistan subscribes), rules and regulations framed there under; nor should she / he be under any legal or departmental proceedings for a criminal activity or misconduct.

3.  He must not exhibit an unbecoming behavior as a member, described separately in 5 below subject to updating from time to time.


4. Any violation of the membership terms as explained in the articles and sub clauses above will make a person ineligible to become a member at the outset or debar him to continue as a member. Her / his membership may be cancelled forthwith by the Chairman with or without assigning any reason or affording a chance.


5.  Description of unbecoming behavior

a. Explicitly or implicitly violates the rules given above from 1 to 4 in entirety or partially.

b. Acts whether verbal or non verbal, overt or covert that are against patriotism, constitutional, ideological, religious orientation and practices of the state of Pakistan or are blasphemous in nature or incite hatred against any state, religion, sect, ethnicity or person.

c. Acts or behaves in a way with a potential to create hatred, ethnic and sectarian divide between the population of Pakistan or are against the Armed Forces, Judiciary, other state institutions or bodies of Pakistan, and/or insist on awarding a person or people a status not officially enjoined upon.

d. Uses foul or abusive language, exhibiting violent or indecent behavior, passing personal or derogatory remarks or behaving in an impolite and unbecoming and/or insulting manner to any person’s practice, object, place, event or concept associated with any religion or religious beliefs.

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